On average, that number is 95.

And that number doesn't change when you throw more money at getting website visitors.

In fact, the more money you spend on more eyeballs, the more sales you're throwing away.

This simple calculator shows you how profitable improving your conversion rate - rather than fighting for more traffic - can be:

Learn where you're losing customers. Book a strictly "no sales" website evaluation report and strategy call

Time-tested website optimisation techniques that convert website visitors into paying customers.


Informed campaigns are smarter campaigns. Arm your creative teams with evidence-based insights.

Get ahead by closely monitoring your competitor's search performance, pricing changes and PPC campaigns


Fuelled is ideal for ambitious businesses who:

Although we will advise on or change 'micro' copy (buttons, headline text), you'll also have a creative person or team.

Book a free, no-obligation private consultation. I'll analyse your website, your competitors, and present you with a report of 'quick wins' and future strategy.


I'm Doug Belchamber, a web analyst and digital marketing consultant based in London, UK.

In 2013 I founded Smarter Digital Ltd, a boutique WordPress consulting firm, working with small and large businesses to build commercially-focused websites, before launching Fuelled in 2016.


Clear and concise, reporting ensures all involved are held accountable.

Ideal alongside creative teams, giving them advanced insights into their campaigns.

Expect me to be immersed in your world - living each step of your journey with you.